Believe something, but it’s another thing to embody that belief through your brand. Consumers are savvy. They can tell if a brand is fully invested in their beliefs or if it’s just saying something because it’s trendy.

Embodying your beliefs happens through the brand experience you create (in your copy, brand visuals, product design, advertising, etc). The more you embody your beliefs throughout the brand experience, the better. Lush Cosmetics, for example, weaves its belief in handmade products into every part of its brand. Its ads mention fresh ingredients, and its stores are designed to evoke a farmer’s market.

This process of embodying your brand beliefs can also apply to personal brands. Lady Gaga has cultivated a massively loyal following for being who she is and standing up for equality and people who feel like they are misunderstood. As a result, she has a fiercely loyal fanbase.

To infuse your beliefs into your brand, think about all the moments in which your brand will interact with your customers, then brainstorm how can you integrate your beliefs into those moments.